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Is Moving Traumatic for a Dog in Bellflower, CA? How Do You Help Dogs Cope with a Move?

When it comes to moving your dog to a new neighborhood, many families feel the stress of how the activities before, during and after a move will impact the family dog. Children feel the anxiety of moving so we can only imagine how our loyal companions feel. Lacking the verbal communication to relate their feelings, we can only guess as to how their body language and behavior demonstrates what they are feeling. With the familiarity and daily routine disrupted, the likelihood of your pooch feeling the anxiety of stress of a move is high. We at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to offer some suggestions to help your pup during the hustle bustle of moving out of town.

Keeping Routine when Packing & Moving is Important

Chances are you are preparing well in advance before the day of your move by downsizing your home’s contents. If you should notice your dog acting anxious as you go through your possessions, holding garage sales, donating bulk items, or even tossing stuff, be sure to not skip their routines with their walks, dog park time, and give them extra affection and reassurance.

Get Dog Used to Riding in Car

If you intend on taking your dog with you, in your vehicle as you travel to your new home and they are not use to being in the car, start taking them on quick trips to get them use to motion. As they get more comfortable increase the duration of the trip and the frequency. The more comfortable they are being in car the better they will be on the road on moving day.

How Do You Move Your Dog from One Place to Another?

Consider the following when moving your dog to new place as well:
1) Welfare: If you need to, get your vet to get your dog’s vaccines updated and get a copy for your records. If your dog isn’t chipped or have a license on the collar, consider getting the new address updated for chipping license as a new environment might be a good idea if your dog is scared and takes flight in the new home.
2) Backyard: Make sure the arrangements are made for the new backyard to accommodate containment of your dog. At the very least, you can plan on knowing what you need to have on hand to ensure your pup can’t bolt if the yard isn’t already enclosed.
3) Signs of dog’s anxiety: If you should notice a loss of appetite, the dog is making abnormal messes, excessive whimpering and whining, and other anxious behaviors, consult your vet about prescribed medication to help your pup calm down.
4) Make arrangements on busier days: Whether you have hire professional movers or are having friends or family member assisting on major packing days, consider placing your dog at a home of a loved where they feel comfortable and more at ease. With so many faces and the extra activity, they can feel over anxious, especially if strangers are present.
5) Moving day. As the house is being loaded in the van, have a room where your dog’s food and water bowl is at. Be sure they have access to familiar toys and maybe even some bones to keep their mind busy. If they have a dog bed or blankets keep them in with the pup and don’t wash them yet, the familiar scents will be useful for their environment. When it comes time to load up the car, bring along their stuff to keep their scent with them as well.

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Remember, your pet will need just as patience as your children will during this new adventure. If you are flying to your new home, many airlines allow you to fly your pet as well, ask your vet about safe tranquilizers to make the flight less traumatizing. When it comes to the heavy lifting, packing and transporting of your stuff, call in the experts of Prodigy Moving & Storage and let our professionals alleviate some of the labor and responsibilities from your shoulders to make your next distance move a breeze.