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Is there a Golden Rule of Packing in El Monte, CA? What to Pack 4 Weeks Before Moving to Move Day

There is a lot of chaos and frustration that comes with procrastinating packing for your move, especially when moving. Preparing and setting up a schedule for your moving can help ensure a smooth and more efficient move. Today, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to share general timeline on when to pack your stuff to help the process be as stress-free as possible.

Early Packing Prep

Before you even pack the first box, preparing well in advance can ensure your move is a lot smoother and more effective. Start by collecting the high-quality moving products including packing tape, cardboard boxes, fresh markers, bubble wrap. Also, consider having a dolly, basic tools to breakdown furniture, baggies to store hardware. For many people, a written inventory of everything they owned can help make the move along, having 3 categories including; Selling or donating; Tossing them out; and Packing kept items for the move. Having the detailed list can also help ensure all items arrive at their destination, and if anything is missing. Below is a basic packing guide to help you prepare for the upcoming move.

What to Do 4 Weeks Before Moving?

1) Surplus items that are not being used including the excess towels and linens; office supplies and other additional items such as these.
2) Out of season things such as clothing and holiday décor.
3) Collectibles – Coin collection, figurines, sculptures, scrapbooks, and others.
Out 3 Weeks:
1) Kitchenware not often used like the BBQ tools; pie pans; fine china and crystal; as well as other odds and ins you do not use on a regular basis.
2) Entertainment items consoles; video games; vinyl records; CDs; books; and movies.
3) Décor and artwork including souvenirs, framed pictures, and heirlooms.

Packing 2 Weeks Out

1) All jewelry should placed in a lock box and secured. Any valuables or sentimental pieces should be with you through the moving day.
2) Left over linens can be packed up now. Be sure to leave out a towel for each family members and a spare set of sheets for each bed.
3) Kids’ toys, board games, puzzles, and stuffed toys are due for packing, however, to keep the kids entertained, let them pick a selected few toys to enjoy through moving day.
Out 1 Week:
1) The rest of the kitchenware such as dishes, utensils, drinking glasses, and cutlery. Consider relying on paper products until you get to the new home.
2) Exempting any important medication and keep a basic 1st aid kit with you through moving day, pack up the medicine cabinet.
3) Get all laundry done and pack up the remaining clothes, a part from the minimal clothing needed to get through the week; the less laundry the better and carting dirty clothes to your new place is unpleasant.
4) Collect and pack unneeded electronics such as desk tops, chargers, laptops, tablets, phones, and other computer equipment.

What Should I Pack 1 – Days Before Moving?

1) To assemble and disassemble furniture, only keep the bare minimum tools, but pack up other tools, toolboxes and other basics.
2) Pack up, roll up, and make ready the curtains / drapes, rugs, and other miscellaneous stuff.
3) Carefully ready for the moving truck, the appliances and furniture. Bulky furniture broken down is easier to move and load in the truck. Be sure to inventory the hardware and store them in a baggie and tape it to the large pieces. Also, take pictures and/or notes as you disassemble to make reassembly simpler.

What Do I Need to Do on the Day I Move?

Pet paraphernalia, cleaning supplies, bedding, beds, toiletries, kids’ personals, and other items need to be gathered up and packed prior to the moving van’s arrival. If it is coming early, have as much done as possible the night before.

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