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Moving Companies Restricted & Prohibited Items in Pomona, CA; Will Movers Move Plants or Lawn Mowers?

When it comes to moving, most moving companies are flexible and work to accommodate their clients’ needs. However, there are a few things that moving companies cannot transport due to liability as well as the restrictions based on federal law. Today, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to list a few items that movers usually will not transport.

Moving Plants & Pets Within California

You should ask the moving company about their policy since plants can only be transported with a special permit. Usually because of the danger of pests hitchhiking a ride to the destination area, many ordinary houseplants can’t be transported specific distances. Too many people are surprised that moving companies will refuse to relocate animals, you need to assume responsibility for transporting their house pets, moving companies will not typically take care of it for you.

Transporting Heirlooms & High-Value Possessions

It probably doesn’t belong in a moving truck, if you have certain types of expensive property. Such high-value items, like the cash reserves, jewelry, and stocks should remain with you. Since the insurance can only cover the current market value of any item heirlooms are also best left off the moving truck. Also, any sentimental items are irreplaceable, be sure to keep them with you as you travel to the new home.

Will Movers Move Lawn Mowers & Other Gas Powered Equipment?

Some moving companies will make exceptions for weeding equipment, lawn mowers, motorcycles, ATVS, and other fuel-powered equipment, however, must be drained at least 24 hours in advance of loading and failure will cause the companies to refuse transport.

Hazardous, Corrosives & Flammables Materials are Prohibited By Movers

Corrosive items including batteries with acid cannot be transported. Flammables such as charcoal, lighter fluid, paint remover, kerosene fuel, and similar materials are also prohibited. With many common household items that can be considered hazardous like aerosol cans, batteries, gasoline, fire extinguishers, paint thinner and other items on the list of moving companies will not move. When you select the moving company, request a list of items they will not transport.

What to Do with Perishable Food when Moving

For obvious reasons, moving companies will not perishables, should you have any left come moving day, gift them to family or friends or look into donations for various organizations.
Diving and Scuba Equipment. Most professionals refuse to touch this equipment because of the pressurized oxygen inside of the scuba tanks. A risk of explosion during any collision is likely due to the special mixtures of gas inside these tanks. Companies do not want the liability involved.

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Usually based on liability or law restrictions, each professional moving company might have a slightly different policy towards these items. As mentioned, having a list of the items they refuse to move is ideal, however, most items are fairly obvious. For items that your moving company can or will not move, be sure to ask for a list to help you move your possessions. Call Prodigy Moving & Storage and let our professionals assist you with your move.