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Paring Down Household Items & Belongings Before Moving in Torrance, CA; Pack One Room at a Time & More

If you have a move in your future you may be thinking that this is a perfect opportunity to go through all of your belongings and pare down. The longer that we live in a home the more belongings we end up with. It can be surprising as we start packing just how many things we have accumulated. You may find items that you did not even know that you had still. If you want to pare down your belongings as you start packing how does that work? When you begin the process of sorting through your belongings you may start researching some programs or ideas that will give you ideas on how to do it. You will find a million different websites and books that can help. Many of the programs have similar ideas to them. What you pick does not really matter. What matters most is that you get started and work hard. Prodigy Moving & Storage will offer some tips on getting started.

Pack One Room at a Time

You will want to go through every item in that room and decide if you are going to pack it, sell it, donate it, or throw it away. Anything that you are going to keep you will want to go ahead and pack right away. Items that you are going to sell will go in one place. Donation items will go in another pile. Resist the urge to make a pile of items that you are throwing away. Get a trash bag and immediately put these items in the trash. This will make it so that you do not end up with a huge pile of garbage just sitting there on your floor.

Donate Unwanted Household Items Before You Move

After you have gathered all of your items to donate you will want to decide where you are going to donate them to. There are tons of different options for you to choose from. You may have some friends, family, or neighbors that the items would be perfect for. They might appreciate the gesture of you asking them if they want the items. There are also tons of local charities that would love your items. It should not be hard to find one to drop your items off to.

Before Moving, Sell Unwanted Belongings

As you go through your belongings there are items that you may want to sell. Earning some extra money by selling some of your items that are in good condition is always a great idea. The good news that there are tons of places for you to sell your used items. Facebook yard sale groups, Craig’s List, eBay, and Offer Up are all awesome choices if you want to sell your items online. Some people find it easier to host a yard sale. No matter what, you can definitely make some extra money by selling some of your old belongings.

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We hope that these tips help you as you prepare for your big move. Do not forget to call Prodigy Moving & Storage to schedule your move. We love helping our customers successfully move their belongings to their new home.