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Relocating an Office or Other Business in Burbank, CA? What to Do when Your Company Moves

Your business has grown, and you need more space so you’re planning on moving to a more spacious office and need to move furniture, personnel and equipment. One thing is to remember you must stay organized, if not the nightmare will begin. You will need to balance the normal workflow and the interruption of the move. Many moving companies offer services to the business that is relocating. There are a few things to remember though.

Planning Tips for a Factory, Office or Other Business Move

Office Move Committee. Remember you must keep a handle on your normal business activities. A few select persons from the organization that can plan and concentrate on the move will relieve others of the headaches associated with the move. Your committee will plan the move and operate as liaison with the movers.
Accounting for Business Relocation Costs. Moving is going to cost. Plan on a budget. The budget planning process will bring to light nuisances, circumstances and processes that would otherwise not be considered. Does your current contract have any provision for restoration or turnover conditions with the current landlord?
Keys to New Commercial Building Space. Who’s got the keys? Make sure that you have keys to the new building.
Communications. Business are one of the few users of landlines currently. Make sure numbers are moved. Telecommunications/data providers is scheduled on a cut-over date. Make sure that your long distance carrier is notified and ready to switch lines. Your IT people will have to coordinate the relocation of servers, needless say your new building is pre-wired, right? If not, arrange it now so it will handle your electrical demand as soon as you move in. Make sure the elevator, security and FAX lines are provided for.
Commercial Moving Companies. Some equipment will require specialized vendors to move it. Includes some copiers, lab equipment, electronics and manufacturing equipment. Reserve an elevator for your exclusive use during the move if possible.
Change of Address Notifications. You will need new letterhead, business cards, forms and marketing materials. Don’t forget email, many of which contain contact information, you need make sure you have updated your email form. Mailings to notify clients of your change of address and make sure a ‘change of address’ has been completed at the post office. Your bank is going to want to be notified of your address change. As will the IRS and your insurance carrier. The Secretary of State will need an update your entity information. All business licensing agencies and professional agencies will need updates. Vendors that provide office services and vending equipment will need to be notified. Signage locations need to be verified and a signage vendor contacted. Approval for and installation of new signage at the new location.

Commercial Packing & Moving Tips

This constitutes only the preliminary steps and planning. Some items need to be emphasized as the date for the move approaches. You will need to order and make delivery of packing materials and labeling. Tag boxes as to which room they will be placed in. Risk management will need to update emergency evacuation maps and plans and contact lists. Most items moved will be relocated in sequence, that if planned right will have furniture on site, then the office machines and finally the boxes with all the other equipment and supplies needed.

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Moving is disruptive to any business and prior planning prevents poor performance. Moving to a new commercial premises within the State of California? Call the professionals at Prodigy Moving & Storage.