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What Do Most People Forget Moving in Bell Gardens, CA? To Pack Hardware, Move Day Planning & More

As the moving date quickly approaches, the ‘to do’ lists timeline are starting to run thin. Preparing for the big moving day including making arrangements, following the budgeting, and getting organized is a lot. In the middle of the chaos it is common to have details overlooked or forgotten. Prodigy Moving & Storage would to help you avoid some of that last-minute stress and remind you about details that are often forgotten during your next move experience.

Pack Hardware & Extras

Ensuring everything is packed is vital, including the lock and keys for the gate, TV wall mounts, curtain rods, hardware for the full-length mirror and so on. Excluding the permanent fixtures that will belong to the new occupants, be sure to go from room to room and get all the hardware that may have been overlooked. Labeled plastic bags with the various hardware can help stay organized. Also, leave the garage door opener behind so you do not have go through the hassle of mailing it back that is a common occurrence.

Attain Personal Records & Documents

You will either need to have your files transferred to the new professionals or retrieve physical files from doctors, dentists, therapists, veterinarians, schools, and other professionals possessing personal records. All medical records for procedures or surgeries and prescriptions, the kids’ school records, and other pertinent information for you, family, and pets need to be retrieved. Be sure any IRS, DMV, post office or other government entities should be aware of address change and you forwarding address setup. Any physical copies given should be kept with you during the move, even as you travel until they can be securely stored and handed out to the appropriate offices.

Cancel Out of Area Memberships

Take care of the membership cancellations 6 weeks before your move to ensure you save your cash. Paying for the neighborhood gym or kickboxing class months after the move is frustrating. Keep in mind, most places request a written 30-day notice for cancelling and doing it 6 weeks in advance can help ensure it is done before you leave. Update the new address on your automated monthly subscriptions, online shopping, bills, and other services to ensure the correct address is in their system.

Move Day Planning

Because moves are often rushed towards the very end, the spiraling of tasks seems to be never-ending. Many people tend to neglect the travel plans of getting from the old house to the new one because of the distractions that come with moving. Depending on the travel method, many people forget to pack a “first night” bag or enough luggage for the traveling as well as booking the accommodations. Personal documents, IDs, passports, and other official documents with you and the arrangements for your pets and auto-transports in advance should be take care of as well.

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