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How Do You Move in Hot Summer Weather in Monrovia, CA? Moving on Cooler Days & More

When it is time to move from one house to another it can be very trying. Many people at some point in their life will have to transition from a place that they know and love to a whole new city. This move adds a whole other element to the transition. You have to get to know a new place and find people that you get along with. You also are starting fresh when it comes to work and friends as well. Although it can be trying it can be a great new start for a family, couple or even a single that is branching out, it can be rewarding too. It seems that more and more people choose to start their journey when the least amount of people are being put out. That means that the summer is a great time to move with all the kids out of school. It also means that you are moving the temperature is the hottest. This can be a hurdle in many areas and you want to make sure that you are prepared for what a summer move means. Prodigy Moving & Storage offers tips and advice on moving during the hot summer months.

Choose Cooler Days to Move

When you are ready to move in the hot summer months you should be aware that the weather can change from week to week. When you are narrowed down to a few weeks you want to see which part of the week holds the best temperatures. Even a cool off of a few degrees can really make a difference when you are packing and loading a truck to move. Many places also have a wet season in the middle of the summer meaning you need to keep your eyes out for adverse weather that may affect your move.

Best Time of Day to Move in Summer

As you look at the temperature though the day you will notice as the day moves on that the temperature rises. The warmer it gets the harder it is to be doing any type of outdoor labor. You want to make sure that if you are asking friends or family for help that you look at the time of day that is best. This usually means that waking up early and starting when the sun is starting to come up is the best. This will give you the coolest time of day and allow you to work without the heat at your back.

Hydration is Key when Moving in Hot Weather

If you are ready to move it may be a good idea to have ways that your friends and family can stay hydrated. Sweating out in the heat while you are packing and loading can lead to dehydration and illness if you are not careful. You can combat this issue by ensuring that you are well prepared with a cooler of waters and other electrolyte filled beverages. That way you can stop to get a drink while you are moving so that you do not end up sick on the journey.

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