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What is Something that Should Not Be Stored when Moving in El Monte, CA? Flammable Items & More

Many moving companies offer their storage facilities during a move. Typically, they are clean, climate-controlled, and well-secured. With the convenience of a storage facility, many people utilize them, whether their move will permanent or temporary. Unfortunately, many people store items they shouldn’t, and today, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to share the top important things that shouldn’t be moved.

Anything Flammable & Combustible

Anything that is flammable and/or combustible should never be stored in a storage facility. Being that could result from a sudden spike in temperature, we don’t think it is in anyone’s best interest to pack anything into a storage unit that is capable of starting a fire, ultimately. A few top examples to avoid include fireworks, lighter fluid, aerosols, paints, old batteries, jerry cans, propane tanks, and kerosene lamps.

Materials that are Hazardous

In our storage facility or any other, we also recommend that you refrain from storing Haz-Mats. It can be highly dangerous when exposed to certain conditions and other substances, although they may look harmless in their containers, ammonia and bleach, cleaning products, insecticides, roofing tar, paint, pesticides, paint thinner and paint remover among others.


Though obvious, we feel it would be a serious oversight if we did not include garbage, despite why anyone would want to store garbage may seem beyond comprehension. IN addition to developing terrible odors, garbage is disgusting, and it will attract rodents, bugs, and vermin.


Caring for customers’ plants is not among their list of job requirements, so you cannot depend on security or office workers to care for your plants. It is highly not recommend storing them in our facilities if you want to see your green friends alive and well. It is preferred to keep out of the warehouse since plants attract insects and pests in addition to dying. Though it is usually fine to tools, shovels, and other equipment for the landscaping, usually, most facilities draw the line with living plants.

Dead / Alive Animals

Despite it being climate controlled and secure, living animals like turtles, fish, or iguanas or any other pet should never be left in a storage facility.

Foods that are Perishable

Perishable food will inevitably perish. Your perishables will not survive in a storage unit no better than it does in refrigerators or cabinets. All subject to spoilage includes Meats, cereal, dairy food, and produce, even the kibble for your pets is not ideally stored in a storage unit.

Wet or Scented Items

It only takes one wet item to spread moisture to your entire storage unit much like it only takes one rotten apple to spoil the barrel. Growing mold and mildew are a risk when wet items are put your belongings. To keep your unit moisture-free, consider using desiccants. In addition to mildew and mold pests are attracted to stinky shoes, floral scents, and smelly socks. By keeping highly scented items out of your unit, you can be kind to your storage neighbors.

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