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What Items Cannot Go in a Moving Truck in Burbank, CA? Hazardous Materials, Perishable Food & More

There is no way around it, if you are moving, it is well worth the money to have a moving company take care of it for you. The stress that comes with moving is real. Many people don’t have the time it takes to go through their things and pack them all up. This is weeks and weeks of work when you are trying to find the time outside of your normal work schedule. This is why many people turn to a moving company to come in and get them moved out in a day. When you hire a moving company, it is important that you know the things that they will not be willing to move for you. Prodigy Moving & Storage is here to talk about things that a moving company will refuse to move for you.

What Items Will a Moving Company Not Move?

There are several things that moving company simply won’t move for you for a number of different reasons. Here are some of the items you will have to make other arrangements for.
– Hazardous Materials: If you have flammable or hazardous materials that you are trying to move, there isn’t a moving company out there that will touch it. These companies are wanting to avoid any risk of a fire or explosion. Some things that are considered hazardous would include gasoline, bleach, fireworks, paint thinner, propane tanks, pesticides, weed killer, and more.
– Perishable Food: You can’t expect a moving company to move any perishable food items. This rule is in place large in part to safety concerns. Most perishable food needs to be kept at a certain temperature to avoid spoiling and a moving company simply can’t guarantee that. Food also attracts pests and other problems.
– Alcohol: If you have a large collection of fine wine or have been saving a certain bottle of whiskey for a special occasion, you will need to plan on moving it on your own. Every state has different liquor laws that are in place and most moving companies won’t be interested in dealing with that. If you care about your alcohol and moving it, you will need to make arrangements for that.

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