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What Should Be on a Moving Checklist in El Monte, CA From 3 Months Before Hiring Movers to Move Day?

When planning a move, you will want to create a checklist to make the move go smoother. Those who did a long distance move without a check list found that they forgot or left out some very important details. A check list begins months before a move and goes through to the day of a move. Prodigy Moving & Storage will share each step of a moving checklist to help make any move go smoother and with far less stress.

3 Months Before the Move

About three months before a move you will first want to research your moving options. There are many options when it comes to renting a moving truck or hiring a moving service. For long distance moving, hiring a moving company is recommended. When hiring versus renting, the moving company has moving truck of different sizes which can make it easier to move larger household items. When you have decided on your moving method–either renting or hiring– schedule the movers or rental for the move. This way you’re not stressing later.

1 Month Before Hiring Movers

About a month before you move, you’ll want to change your address. Also notify your utility companies you will be moving out of the state or city and no longer require services the day after you move. This gives you plenty of time to prepare future arrangements with the other utility companies for future service as well. For those with kids in school, a month before the move is a good time to contact your child’s future school and begin the enrollment process. Additionally a month before the move is a good time to set up a Moving Away party to say goodbye to friends and family. Not only is a Moving Away party good for fond farewells, it is also a good opportunity to use up some food you don’t want to take with you during the move. A month before the move is also when you want to start stocking up on moving supplies. Typical moving supplies includes boxes or moving crates, bubble wrap, and moving blankest for your delicate items, along with plastic wrap.

2 Weeks Before Moving

Around two weeks before the move is a good time to contact the moving company or the rental company to make sure every thing is still on track and there aren’t any unforeseen hick-ups. This will help keep both you and the moving company on schedule. With two week before the big move date, now is a good time to begin packing. Start with the items you can do without and leave clothing and hygiene items last. If possible, eat with paper or plastic utensils and pack up your kitchen about a week before the move. During this time, attempt to purge your home of unwanted items. Many items can be either recycled, or donated if still in good condition. Sealed food can also be donated to food banks or various shelters. A week from the move is also a good time to remove food in freezers and most of the food stored in the fridge.

2 to 3 Days Before Moving Day

With the majority of your household items packed and boxed up, you can now do most of your house cleaning and preparing your appliances. It is best to defrost and clean the refrigerator and make sure all food has been removed. After it’s been cleaned, taped or sealed, put them it alongside any other appliance you’re taking with you. Make sure to have some easily disposable snacks for fuel during move day.

Day of the Move

The day of the move make sure to eat a heavy breakfast to help maintain energy for the move. Also while you eat is a good time to go over travel plans. Depending on the moving service you hired, or if you’re renting, you will participate in the heavy lifting. Full service moving companies usually provide packing and unpacking services which helps lighten the load.

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