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Is Moving Out for the First Time Hard in West Covina, CA? How Much Money Do I Realistically Need to Move Out?

Not only is moving out on your own for the 1st time liberating, but it is also overwhelming. Taking care of many of the responsibilities your parents did on your behalf might be revealing a mystery you thought little about. But whether you are moving away for school or just ready to leave the nest, Prodigy Moving & Storage has a few tips and some advice for those moving out on their own for the first time.

How Much Money Do I Realistically Need to Move Out?

Not only do you have to budget for monthly living expenses, to initially move out there are plenty of costs that include down payments, deposits, kitchen supplies, furniture, toiletries, food, and so forth. Below are a few tips that can help you reduce costs.
• Apartment: Getting an apartment includes many upfront costs such as the deposits, first and last month’s rent down and to sign a lease. All these costs add up quickly and with the help of a roommate, all upfront costs are reduced as well s the monthly living expenses.
• Communication: Though this may not be a necessity, budgeting for a cell phone plan, internet service and cable, satellite television. Upfront costs and monthly dues are typically required and with a roommate, much of these costs can be reduced.
• Furniture. Furniture can be accrued over time, but even then depending on tastes, it can be expensive. Consider searching for the basics that are sale, found in overstock liquidation centers, or second-hand facilities or private sales to cut costs; there is also the option of finding a furnished apartment.
• Insurance. Living on your own also means paying for the insurance, although some medical insurance plans allow parents to cover their children through their 20’s if they are in college, it is still something you may have to consider as well as renter’s insurance and car insurance if applicable. To help cut costs, talk to an insurance agent about bundling policies for savings.
• Moving. No matter if you are hiring professionals to make your move or recruiting your buddies, there are costs. Look for coupons and deals on the materials you need and other prices.
• Utilities. Your credit score plays a part in the different costs and deposits, companies may require a deposit in order to get services set up at the new place. If you haven’t established credit yet, you may consider asking a roommate to be the name on the bill if they have acceptable credit or asking a loved one to cosign.
• Transportation. If you do not already own a vehicle, there are a lot of costs; monthly payment, maintenance, fuel, insurance, etc. If you cannot afford a vehicle or do not own, other methods will need to budgeted as well such as bus passes or such.

How Do I Prepare Myself to Move Out for the First Time?

Planning to live on your own sounds simple enough, but there are many things people struggle with once they are out of the nest. It is ideal to ensure you have a steady income prior to moving out, if you are looking for new employment make certain you hold onto the current one until you are firmly secure in a new job. Emergencies will come up, it is important to tuck away a percentage of every paycheck so when that happens you have the means to cover it. Avoid taking unneeded trips and splurging on nonessentials for the first few months at least until you have a comfortable cushion to rely on. Take the time to write out a budget and factor in what every paycheck brings in. Find a method that works and if need be, consider a second job or additional roommates. Connecting with a family member, friend, or even friend of a friend will help reduce costs considerably. There are other means of finding roommates if necessary, but most people prefer people know they know or acquaintances. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or answers when hit with a dilemma. First time on your own doesn’t come with a manual and your parents or other people with experience are an excellent resource.

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Now that you are set to move out, have a moving plan prepared. Whether you decide to do it on your own or with professionals, you need to budget the move, acquire the moving paraphernalia, and figure out transportation. Hiring professionals like Prodigy Moving & Storage can make your move a lot easier. Call us today to discuss your options!