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How Do You Move During Christmas Holidays in Downey, CA? Celebrate While Moving, Talk to Loved Ones & More

Difficult and overwhelming are just a few descriptive words some would use when planning a long distance move with a family in tow. Children in particular are anxious about the possibilities, frightened of the unknown and more than nervous for what could lie ahead. Now you are doing this move just before, during, or immediately following the holiday season and the emotions are amplified incredibly so, making the prospect of moving more than unpleasant. In an effort to keep the holiday season moving strong, there are some things that we at Prodigy Moving & Storage has listed below that you can do during the process to help the family hold on to the holiday magic and make the move a little more bearable.

How Do You Make Your Holidays More Meaningful when Moving?

1) Celebrate while you are traveling. No matter which holiday you are celebrating, or just recently celebrated, you do not have to lose the buzz simply because of a mandatory move. While traveling to the long distance destination, take the time to research the hotel/motels that have incorporated holiday festivities into the accommodations. Finding the lobby decking the halls, or the dining area full of merriment can bring some magic with you as opposed to the generic d├ęcor.
2) Take time to explore. Even surrounded by family, unfamiliar territory can make anyone feel lonesome. Turn the move into an adventure by finding the sceneries and areas that can remind you of the holiday feelings.
3) Incorporate new traditions. This can be a good time to start new traditions. To get the kids involved charge them coming with a new activity to incorporate with the Christmas traditions to make the move more fun and exciting for them.
4) Keep small decorations or holiday keepsakes with you. Avoid complication and keep it humble yet satisfying instead of pulling out every decoration you own. Consider a small wreath, or a keepsake that has sentimental value. Place a few decorations around the home until the day of the move, decorate the family car, or even have a few on hand to decorate the motel.
5) Dining out can be an advantage. Especially when family and friends gather, home cooked meals are always ideal. Treat yourself to dining out for the holidays and enjoy being pampered on for the holidays can be just as good. Remember it is the company, not the food that makes it special.
6) Keep up on communication. Allow your other family members and close friends a way to contact you. Whether it is sending the new address their way, keeping in contact on social media, or simply keeping the cell phone charged can keep the communications
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